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"Because you are forced to see things from someone else's shoes, I believe that acting has the capacity to change the world one person at a time. Empathy for one another increase as we are allowed to love ourselves from our deepest flaws to our brightest gifts. it is a study of humanity itself and this crazy lovely world we live in." - Giovannie

Giovannie Espiritu, Founder of Hollywood Actors Workshop (Formerly known as SF Actors Workshop)

Giovannie Espiritu was nominated alongside Academy Award Nominees Alfre Woodard and Amy Irving for Best Supporting Actress at MethodFest for the Mynah Films feature film Fiona’s Script. Her primetime credits include a recurring role on ER (NBC), Bones (FOX), Gilmore Girls (ABC), and Trauma (NBC). She has voiced characters in international video games and cartoons, directed several theater productions at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, and produced several short films. She has booked national campaigns for American Express, Toyota, Lowes, and Stationmaster Carpets. She can currently be seen as the series lead in the series, "Dyke Central," which was featured in After Ellen, BuzzFeed, and Curve Magazine as a top lesbian series to watch. She was named one of the Top 40 Audition Coaches in Los Angeles and alumni student William Lipton is a Daytime Emmy Nominee.
Hollywood Actors Workshop. Curve Magazine, After Ellen, Bones, Buzzfeed.

She is the founder of HollywoodActorsWorkshop.com (previously known as SFActorsWorkshop.com), a school for kids and adults who are serious about working in film & television. Her students are represented by the top agencies in the Bay Area and Los Angeles including JE Talent, Stars, Look, MDT, Clear Talent Group, CESD, William Morris Endeavor and many others.

As a believer in Gandhi's maxim, "Be the change you wish to see in the world," Giovannie began writing as a way to create more diversity in the film industry. Soon, it became another outlet for catharsis and healing as she relived deeply personal stories and wove them into her work, along with the lessons learned. Her ultimate goal and "nefarious plan" is to break hearts wide open to create more empathy and compassion by forcing audiences to walk in someone else's shoes.

Outside of the film industry, she rock climbs with her amazing teenage son and advocates for domestic violence awareness and LGBTQ rights.

Hollywood Actors Workshop Philosophy

The Hollywood Actors Workshop Philosophy

While the rest of the actors out there sit around and wait for the phone to ring, we proactive alchemists are quietly re-engineering our strategies, and honing our artistic skills, both commercially and theatrically. We're booking work because we are focusing on our core essentials - being really "Amazing Auditioners" (acting your BEST when it counts the most) and constantly improving our personal "show-business marketing.

Even top performers work with an acting coach. A supportive outside perspective can only help an actor improve as well as save years of trial and error.


Gio's Teaching Street Cred

Giovannie is one of the few acting coaches in the industry with a permit to teach. As this industry grows, it's important to keep our kid actors safe and protected.  You can find our article about kid actor safety and Giovannie's acting permit by clicking here.


*For reference, there are only 292 valid permit holders (including managers, photographers, publisicts and acting coaches) who are legally allowed to work with kid actors. This is according to the Department of Industrial Relations.)
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