Giovannie Espiritu, Founder of Sfactorsworkshop

Meet Your Teacher

Giovannie Espiritu was nominated alongside Academy Award Nominees Alfre Woodard and Amy Irving for Best Supporting Actress at MethodFest for the Mynah Films feature film Fiona’s Script. Her primetime credits include a recurring role on ER (NBC), Bones (FOX), Gilmore Girls (ABC), and Trauma (NBC). She has voiced characters in international video games and cartoons, directed several theater productions at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco, and produced several short films. She has booked national campaigns for American Express, Toyota, Lowes, and Stationmaster Carpets. She can currently be seen as the series lead in the series, "Dyke Central," which was featured in After Ellen, BuzzFeed, and Curve Magazine as a top lesbian series to watch.

Her students are represented by the top agencies in the Bay Area and Los Angeles including JE Talent, Stars, Look, MDT, Clear Talent Group, CESD, William Morris Endeavor and many others.

Outside of the film industry, she rock climbs with her amazing teenage son and advocates for domestic violence awareness and LGBTQ rights.

A Warm Welcome

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An agent asked to meet my daughter last year. When we auditioned, they said she needed acting classes (which she had never taken before). We heard great things about Gio so we signed up. After a few months of class, we got an appointment to audition with the agent again and they LOVED her so much, they want to sign her! They said it was like "Night and day" from her first audition and we've ONLY worked with Gio. Don't under-estimate the Skype classes!! The one on one instruction was exactly what we needed! Thank you, Gio!!!

Linda West

Giovannie is a great teacher. No surprise, as she is an acclaimed actress in her own right. Teachers who also practise their craft are rare birds indeed, and bring to their students a first-hand knowledge of both the TECHNIQUE and BUSINESS of Acting. She's delightful and her students BOOK WORK!

Kate McGregor Stewart, Marissa Tomei's Acting Coach

My daughter has always wanted to be be an actress since she was 2 years old. I didn't take her seriously until about 2 years ago. So we were able to get a wonderful agent for her. This agent suggested that we get her into some acting classes. So we did. We were extremely fortunate to find Giovannie. Giovannie's classes have really helped my daughter understand how to bring out certain emotions with different techniques. She has taught her how to be successful in her auditions and how to handle herself in a professional manner. On a personal note, I have noticed her confidence level rise and she carries herself with more pride and self esteem. Giovannie's classes are a great place to learn your skills or even perfect your skills. Because of all of the hard work that my daughter and Giovannie have put into the classes, that is part of the reason why she has booked her first SAG commerical. Thanks Gio!!!

Amee F.

Gio is great and LOVES what she does! If your child is serious about acting consider this place:)

Fojan S.

My son has learned so much from Giovannie Espiritu! I've recommended SF Actors Workshop -���

Stephanie E.

Giovannie has that magical ability to relate and connect with children. She knows how to encourage them to reflect upon their experiences and to draw upon their imaginations and emotions. She knows how to ignite their enthusiasm and energy. And she knows how to nudge them to do a little more than they think they are capable of.

David & Lisa Sheftman, parents of Rayna Sheftman, signed with JE Talent

Giovannie demonstrates a profound knowledge of drama/acting and the industry. She is patient, nurturing, and demanding. Her interactions bring out the students best efforts and helps them bring out professional attitudes, which promote self motivation and self confidence.

Mary Ellen Davis, grandmother of Morgan and Damien Davis, signed with Models, Inc

My daughter loves and looks going forward to acting class with Giovannie. As a working actor, Giovannie is willing to share her knowledge and insight into this crazy lovely industry. Her private instruction has been incredibly helpful before an audition. May daughters manager loves what she is doing with Celeste.

Julie A. , mom of Celste J. signed with Stars Agency (SF), Page Management (LA), William Morris Endeavor (LA)

We enrolled Brandon in Giovannie's class to improve his communication skills taht can assist him in the future no matter what career he chooses. in a few months, with her extraordinary determination, great techniques and patience, she was able to transform a timid Brandon to a Brandon who speaks with passion to others and expresses his emotions freely.

Elmasa and Ernesto Mesa, parents of Brandon Mesa

More Testimonials

There are not nearly as many words that can explain how thankful I am for Gio and the SF Actors Workshop! She's very supportive and helpful to all of her students. Even during tough times in my career, Gio has been able to pick up my spirit and give me the guidance that I most definitely needed in order to kept going and continue on acting and film making. She's an amazing acting coach and knows a great deal to make sure her students are prepared to go out and "create" their "dreams", which is also a motivational quote that hangs above her door! Within my time learning from her, I have booked a feature film, won film awards, and signed with a talent agency! However, above all of this, Gio is a wonderful spirit, full of energy, and very approachable! She truly cares about each of us and I am proud to work with her! Thank you for everything Gio!

Maureen Correa, signed with MDT Agency

Giovannie's coaching and guidance helped me sign with LOOK Talent agency and book a role on NBC's Trauma as well as a national Chase commercial. If it weren't for Gio's instruction, I wouldn't have been mentally prepared for a lot of auditions.  As much as I would love to hear, 'Good Job!' each time, there is value in having a coach who challenges you to be better than good - you need to have an edge.

Dennis Ruel, signed with Look Talent.

Before taking Gio's class, I would (on average) receive one callback for every 5 auditions or so. Since taking Gio's class, and especially implementing her auditioning techniques, I am receiving more callbacks, more often than I ever did before. In fact, the last 3 auditions I had, I received a callback for each audition!  One of those callbacks was for a SAG national commercial!

Alice Kwong-Van Dusen, signed with JE Talent

Giovannie is about as close to a perfect acting coach as you'll get. With patience, encouragement, and expertise she's helped me achieve more in terms of acting experience than I had ever thought possible coming into the TV and film world. From commercials, to drama, to comedy, Giovannie has the know-how, and is eager to put you on the road to success. Every week is an exciting opportunity to better yourself through her guidance, I constantly find myself amazed at what I've learned and am able to perform. She's helped me land multiple agents and a manager in Los Angeles, Giovannie is THE BEST!!!

Graham Taylor, signed with Schuller Talent & Daniel Hoff Agency LA