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Hollywood Actors Workshop. The Hollywood Actors Workshop Podcast.

What's the podcast about?

The Hollywood Actors Workshop Podcast teaches actors, new and experienced alike, the best processes and techniques to build lasting success in the film and tv industry.

Here you'll find all of our most recent podcasts. We cover a range of topics around acting and dive deep into each conversation. If you'd like to submit a topic for the podcast to talk about, you can contact us by clicking here.

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Episode 1: How To Know If Acting Is Right For Your Kid

Episode 2: Headshots For Actors

Episode 3: Building Your Resume

Episode 4: Agents, Managers, and Casting Directors

Episode 5: How To Get An Agent

Episode 6: The Auditioning Process

Episode 7: Commercials

Episode 8: Breaking Down Film & TV

Episode 9: Improv Basics

Episode 10: Sitcom Basics