Something We Need To Talk About... How To Stay Safe As A Kid Actor In The Industry

Today I want to talk about something really important and that's not really talked about in the acting industry today, kid actor safety.

This article came out a few days ago in Deadline.

It’s surprising how many kids coaches/schools/managers are operating without one.  I’ve had my permit since I found out about it. It prevents people that have had questionable backgrounds teaching your children. I'm a mom myself, so my students safety is of utmost priority to me - esp. in an industry like this one where people are just out to make a buck off of an artists' hopes and dreams.

For my parents, make sure that wherever you go, they not only have great teachers that know what they are talking about, but care for the safety and well-being of your kid!

And remember - even on sets, you are allowed to be in sight and sound of your child at all times! Although it is important to be easy to work with (the parents are part of the package in this industry!), you still need to be your child's first and foremost protector and guardian.  There have been too many stories of unscrupulous managers/producers/etc. (I don't want to give it too much airtime, but you can watch "An Open Secret," online and look up anything regarding the #timesup #metoo movements) that prey on people that don't know enough about how the industry works.


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