Student Spotlight - Emilia Elise

*** Emilia is part of my Brave Hearts master class! She takes direction superbly, is always prepared and professional and can do both the naive trusting newcomer as well as the smart mean girl. She is also signed with Spark Talent Agency***

What got you started in acting? When did you know that you know that you wanted to be an actor?
I started acting when I was seven years old.  My singing coach introduced me to her friend who was a talent scout.  She took me to the Big Talent Showcase.  My career progressed from then.  I loved acting and getting to play another character ever since I read my first monologue and fell in love with it.

What actor or filmmaker inspires you?
I am really inspired by Lily James because I have seen her in multiple movies, and she has a very large range.  I admire how she can so easily switch between accents too.

Any current projects?

I am in a production of The Music Man right now.  I am playing Eulalie Mackenzie Shinn who is a very fun character that takes me out of my comfort zone.


Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I see myself going to college in Nashville, New York, or Los Angeles to pursue acting and singing.


What do you think the challenges teens today are facing in the industry with COVID-19?

I think Covid-19 makes it harder for teens to book auditions.  Self-tapes are difficult because it is hard to show your personality to a camera.  Also, with the industry being shut down, there are not as many projects and opportunities.


What kinds of projects do you hope to be a part of in your career? What would be a dream role?
My dream role would probably be a lead in a movie that would challenge me.  I think I would learn a lot from working on a single project and collaborating with other actors.




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