How To Actually Become An Actor: The Ultimate Quick Start Guide (Even If You Don't Know Where To Start, What To Do, Or Have Any Experience)

So you're just getting into the world of acting and don't know what to do. Or maybe you've been in the industry a couple of years and feel like you've lost your touch and are now back at square one.

Or maybe you're a parent with a very excited kid who loves acting and wants to get into it. Or maybe you are a young adult and know you want to act.

Either way, wherever you are in life right now, you and everyone else reading this is connected by one thing: Acting.

So where do you start?

And what do you do?

You've probably got all these questions.


I'm gonna show you the exact steps to becoming an actor. Right now.

Are you excited? Does it make you feel energized? Do you think about acting and how fun it will be?

If so, read on.

Here's what to do if you are just getting into acting and don't know what to do. Get ready. This one's a doozy.

Your Acting Action Guide

Take Your First Class.

  • If you're brand new to acting I recommend starting with Commercial or Improv class first. You will build beginning emotional memory in commercial classes that will help you advance faster in the work that comes with Film & TV. Being able to access your memories to build a real emotional state is quickly is crucial for booking an audition.Also, most agents (especially in smaller markets), will send you out commercially as their bread and butter.
  • Cold Reading / Audition Classes
  • Continue taking classes! Most actors practice their craft regularly!

Figure Out Your Type

    • Have your friends, family, and a few strangers write down a few adjectives that are your strongest "types." Think about occupations as well. Strangers might actually have the best information for you. This will help you know what your "wheelhouse" characters are - those first roles that you are most likely to BOOK.

      Get  Headshots That Reflect Your Type.

        • List 3 Potential Photographers.
        • Make sure that they do actors headshots specifically and are recommended by your local market's agencies. A lot of new actors waste time and money by going to a regular photographer and have to redo their shots.
        • There is a specific format that acting headshots use and you need to make sure that your photographer does acting headshots.

            Create Your Resume.

            • A lot of new and intermediate actors do their resumes wrong, and casting directors reject them because of that.
            • You can download our Resume Ready guide to make sure your resume doesn't suck. It that gives you the exact format you need to make your resume look like the pros.

            Create Your Acting Business Card.

            Some recommended services for creating your business cards and resumes.


            Create a List of 5 Possible Commercial Agents.

            • Do your research and make sure they have a good track record.
            • In other words, make sure they're legit.

            Send a Cover Letter and Email/Mail Your Headshots To All 5 Agents.

            Do the Same Thing for Film & TV. (AKA Your Theatrical Agent)

            • List 5 possible theatrical agents.
            • Send a cover letter & email them your headshots.
            • Again, make sure they're legit.

            Submit Yourself to Legit Casting sites & Build Those Credits.

            • Student Films
            • Short Films
            • Webisodes
            • Theater

            List 4 film schools OR colleges with film departments near you.

            Read These Books:

            Full disclosure, I've provided links to the books on Amazon if you wish to purchase them. These are affiliate links. They are phenomenal books every actor should read.

            Film a Scene or monolgue.

            • One that showcases one of your 3 "types".
            • Research companies that record demo reels.
            • You can also find a friend, use great sound, lighting, and model it after one of these videos.

                Research Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Seed and Spark for Short Film Projects in Your Area. (Building Credits)

                • Submit your headshot and resume to the producers.
                • Find 5-10 producers in your are who have raised money successfully and have complete projects in the past.

                Join Actors Access and Submit Yourself to Projects You are Right For Every Day.

                • Again, acting is a numbers game. The more you submit, the more auditions you get, the more chances you get to book the role, the more roles you get = more credits. And the cycle repeats.

                Choose to Attend 2 Industry Workshops This Year. (And the Years After That)

                • Taking workshops allows you to build your skills and more importantly build your connections and relationships.

                Watch TV & Find 5 TV Shows That Hire Your Type Regularly

                • Go on IMDBPro and find out who the casting directors are.
                • List those 5 casting directors.

                Find Workshops to Meet Those Casting Directors

                • List those 5 workshops and then attend them.

                Mail/Email Your Headshot, Resume, & Demo Reels to those Casting Directors (The Ones On Your List) Each Month

                Cycle through these mediums:

                • Post Card
                • One Sheet
                • Castability Sheet
                • Newsletter

                Always Change It Up.

                Remember to Keep the Main Picture of You the Same.

                After Each Role You Book, Send a Thank You Card

                • Send a thank you card to the director and casting director.
                • Thank them for the wonderful opportunity.

                Whenever You Book a Future Acting Job...


                Send Your Actor Postcards to all the Directors & Casting Directors You Have Worked With

                • Let them know you booked another job!
                • Keep in touch with your contacts. I can't stress enough how important this is.
                • They will be your future employers.



                • I’ve read 2 books out of the recommended list! Excellent choices! Can’t wait to get started :)

                • Thank you Giovanni! I loved being a part of your online workshop yesterday. Although I am not a beginning actor I found a lot of this information very useful!

                  Emma Grace Odle
                • This is an excellent and comprehensive action plan for actors, thank you!

                • Love your post. I have 2 girls (11 & 12 years old) trying to be a working Actor.

                  Carina Giusti

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