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My goal as a coach is to help my actors make INTERESTING, SPECIFIC CHOICES in their scene work so that eventually they can become self-sufficient in their acting scenes.

One of the problems that I do see when working with students is not thinking from the perspective of the storyteller and figuring out how the character serves the story.

This series is really geared to help parents of actors and actors themselves to ask the right questions when tackling the script. In this lecture and QnA class, I will breakdown a few different scripts for you in the category (Drama and Comedy) and provide you with a worksheet to help you with future scenes.

I will also do a general QnA after class. For those that aren't able to make the date, the replay will be provided.

March 18th 3-4:30 PST (Drama)

March 18th 6-7:30 PST (Comedy)

$10 off if you sign up for both sessions!