Class Schedules

I drive up from Los Angeles twice a month on the weekends to teach group classes in person in the Bay Area to a limited group of kids, teens, and young adults. The schedule changes each month based on my filming schedule.


We work on a variety of different acting scenarios: voice-over, film/tv, industrial, sitcom, commercials, and improv. I want my students to be well-rounded and bookable. I ask that newer students commit to a 6 month time period - most of my top bookers have been with me for a year or more. Parents are also invited to join a secret Facebook Group where I post the monthly schedule, answer questions about the business, and post various industry announcements/castings.  To join the group classes, I suggest first booking a one-on-one online session first to determine placement in the classes.


SATURDAY: Ongoing Tweens/Teens 7pm-9pm
SUNDAY: Ongoing Kids/Tweens 3-5pm
SUNDAY: Ongoing Teens/Adults 6pm-8:30pm